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Today's workforce consists of many forms of employment and opportunities. Many individual's have owner operator jobs such as in the area of truck driving. A typical truck driver works for some else and uses the employer's equipment to haul goods. Someone who owns their own equipment and performs the services have owner operator jobs. With the loss of many jobs and company downsizing at a rapid increase many skilled persons are seeking this as their career.


Pros and Cons


As with any type of employment there are advantages and disadvantages with owner operator jobs. One such disadvantage would be the cost of maintaining any type of equipment to deliver services would be the total responsibility of the owner. For example, an owner operator pay for any break downs or for the cost of replacing worn tires on any trucks as well as the cost of fuel. Maintaining the required insurance may also be a costly issue for some.



Insurance must be obtained to cover not only the truck but also the contents of the load that they would be hauling. One would also have to find their own jobs and handle all administration issues like billing and collection of fees for services. The negotiation of new contracts or delivery dates must be scheduled. In some instances, one may hire a secretary to handle these issues but it is not common place. These types of drivers must inspect the goods they will be hauling to see that there is no damage to them and they must maintain the items in this condition during transit as it is their responsibility. Truck driving owner operator jobs are demanding because if the truck is not on the road then it is not profitable. Many times the owner lives in the truck so as to be available at all times to go where load are available quickly and financially gain.


Seeking Employment


When searching for employment of this nature it is often helpful to check out local and national classified ads either in newspapers or online. Many companies hire owner operators for dedicated runs as well as for extended runs. Salaries may vary and most are paid a set rate for mileage on top of the wage. Those working for themselves often watch very close the amount of their expenditures but may find it beneficial to place ads offering their services.


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